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What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, starts with bacterial growth in the mouth, leading to localized inflammation of the gum line. If left untreated, it can progress to affect the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. This microbial biofilm, known as dental plaque, forms on the teeth and gums and is the initial trigger for gum inflammation. Surprisingly, nearly 70% of the population will experience this disease at some point in their lives. Despite its prevalence, many individuals remain unaware of the condition and its potential complications.

Gum Depigmentation in Hyderabad

Types of Gum Disease


Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease, primarily caused by plaque buildup on the gums. If plaque isn't effectively removed through regular brushing and flossing, it can lead to gum irritation. Common signs include bleeding gums during brushing and flossing. The good news is that at this stage, the bone is not yet affected, making the chances of recovery quite high.


Untreated gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, which begins to impact the bone. This stage creates pockets between the bone and gum line, providing a space for bacteria to thrive. Timely dental intervention prevents periodontitis from advancing. Regular check-ups and effective oral hygiene are crucial for maintaining gum health and preventing periodontal issues.

Advanced Periodontitis

Advanced periodontitis is the most severe stage of gum disease. At this point, the bone has been significantly damaged, causing teeth to become loose. Saving the teeth typically requires surgical intervention, but in advanced cases, extraction may be the only option. Timely and consistent dental care is crucial to prevent the progression to this advanced stage.

What is the main cause of Gum Disease?

Poor oral hygiene was the leading cause of gum disease. The other reasons for gum disease are

Tobacco Use

Smoking or chewing tobacco can hinder gum tissue repair.

Dental Alignment

Crooked or misaligned teeth can make oral hygiene more challenging, increasing the risk of gum disease.


Certain drugs like oral contraceptives, steroids, anticonvulsants, calcium channel blockers, and chemotherapy can reduce saliva production, which protects teeth and gums. Some medications may even lead to abnormal gum tissue growth.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations during puberty, menstruation, menopause, pregnancy, and other phases can render gums more sensitive and susceptible to gum diseases.

Health Conditions

Certain illnesses like cancer and HIV weaken the immune system, elevating the risk of gum disease. Additionally, individuals with diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease.


Genetic predisposition, such as a family history of gingivitis, can contribute to an increased risk of developing gum disease.

What are the symptoms of Gum Disease?

Bleeding gums during brushing or flossing.

Gums receding from teeth and loosening of teeth.

Development of deep spaces between gums and teeth.

Altered bite alignment (malocclusion).

Presence of pus between teeth and gums.

Discomfort while chewing.

Tooth sensitivity.

Tender, red, or swollen gums.

Poorly fitting partial dentures.

Persistent bad breath that brushing doesn’t alleviate.

When is Gum Disease Treatment Recommended?

Gum Inflammation

Gum disease often begins with gum inflammation. Symptoms may include redness, swelling, tenderness, and bleeding during brushing or flossing.

Gum Recession

The gums can start to recede, making teeth appear longer. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages may occur, indicating a need for prompt advanced gum recession treatment.

Loose Teeth

Ongoing gum disease can lead to loosening and shifting of teeth due to damage to the supporting gums and bone.

Chronic Bad Breath

Persistent bad breath, or halitosis, is a common symptom of gum disease, caused by bacteria present in infected gums.

Pus Formation

In advanced cases, gum disease can result in the formation of pus in the pockets between the gums and teeth.

Changes in Your Bite

Shifting and loosening of teeth can lead to changes in how your teeth align when you bite down.

Gum Disease Treatments at Dr, Shashi’s Dental Studio

Scaling and Root Planing

This non-surgical deep cleaning procedure entails the removal of plaque and tartar from teeth and roots, while also smoothing rough areas on the roots to prevent bacterial buildup.


To combat the bacteria responsible for gum disease, antibiotics can be prescribed in various forms, such as pills, gels, or inserts directly placed in affected areas.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a minimally invasive treatment that employs laser technology to eliminate infected tissue and bacteria from the gums.

Flap Surgery

Flap surgery is a surgical intervention involving the lifting of gum tissue to clean tooth roots, followed by repositioning the gums to reduce pocket size.

Bone Grafting

In cases of severe gum recession, our experts may recommend bone grafting surgery to replace lost bone tissue resulting from the disease.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

This procedure includes the placement of a small material piece between the bone and gum tissue to stimulate the growth of new bone and gum tissue.


When advanced gum disease causes teeth to become loose, they may require splinting to provide support.

Dental Crown Lengthening

Dental crown lengthening is needed for a “gummy” smile, to prepare for restorative work, or when there’s excessive gum tissue, uneven gum lines, or deep cavities below the gumline. It enhances aesthetics and functionality by reshaping the gum and, sometimes, bone to expose more of the tooth. 

Treatment Options for Gum Disease Treatment at Dr, Shashi’s Dental Studio

Non-surgical Treatment

This includes procedures like scaling, root planing, and local drug delivery.

Periodontal Surgery

Surgical interventions like pocket reduction procedures, regenerative procedures, and soft tissue grafts may be recommended.

Laser Treatment

Our periodontist employs laser technology to address gum issues, offering a surgery-free alternative. Laser treatment ensures increased patient comfort, minimal bleeding, and rapid healing, often resulting in normal-looking gums within just a couple of days.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

This involves procedures to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, such as correcting a gummy smile, lightening dark gums, and root coverage procedures to conceal exposed roots or elongated teeth. These treatments contribute to the creation of a beautiful smile.

General guidelines to prevent Gum Disease

Brush your teeth two times daily using fluoride toothpaste.

Make flossing a regular habit to remove plaque from between your teeth.

Schedule a routine check-up and professional cleaning with your dentist every six months.

Consider quitting smoking for better oral and overall health.

What are the Risks and Potential Issues?

Risks and potential issues of gum disease treatment include discomfort, swelling, infection, tooth sensitivity, allergic reactions, gum recession, aesthetic changes, need for additional treatment, tooth mobility or loss, and interactions with other health conditions or medications. Regular follow-up care and oral hygiene are crucial for successful treatment and prevention of recurrence.

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Why Choose Us for Gum Disease Treatment in Hyderabad

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Exceptional Dental Practitioners

Our dentists are highly qualified and possess extensive expertise in a wide range of general, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. We are particularly renowned for our pain-free treatments, made possible through our specialized sedation clinic. 

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Advanced Clinical Infrastructure

Our clinic is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to ensure our clinicians provide top-tier care while prioritizing your comfort. This technology also enhances diagnostic capabilities, enabling our team to offer the most effective and minimally invasive treatments.

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Highest Quality Laboratory Standards

Our commitment is to exclusively use the latest and most advanced dental materials, ensuring the success and durability of dental treatments. This extends to the utilization of the most recent filling materials, the most resilient and aesthetically pleasing crown and bridge materials, and the adoption of new techniques and equipment to enhance patient comfort and clinical outcomes.

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Strict Hygiene Protocols

We have taken rigorous measures to ensure that dental treatments performed in our clinic adhere to the highest safety, quality, and hygiene standards of a modern dental practice. Our infection control and instrument sterilization processes surpass all current Irish and EU guidelines, guaranteeing the utmost safety and hygiene for our patients.

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Continual Professional Development

Our team is committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry through continual professional development, ensuring you benefit from the latest innovations in gum disease treatment.

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Patient Education

We take the time to educate our patients on proper oral hygiene practices and preventive measures, empowering them to actively participate in maintaining their gum health.

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Who is Dr. Shashi?

“Dr. Shashi: Creating Kid-Friendly Smiles with Invisalign Magic!”

Dr. Shashi, a distinguished pediatric dental surgeon based in Hyderabad, is celebrated for his expertise in addressing dental concerns specific to children. With a profound dedication to pediatric dentistry, he has cultivated a reputation for providing compassionate and comprehensive dental care tailored to the unique needs of young patients. Dr. Shashi goes the extra mile to ensure his young patients feel at ease during treatment, employing advanced techniques such as nitrous oxide sedation, commonly known as SLEEP DENTISTRY. This specialized approach sets him apart, as very few dentists in Hyderabad possess the equipment and expertise for this painless and comfortable treatment method.

Known for his gentle and empathetic approach, Dr. Shashi has garnered extensive experience and a deep understanding of child psychology. This enables him to create a comforting and reassuring environment, ensuring that children undergoing dental treatments have a positive and enjoyable experience. His focus on preventive measures and education empowers both children and parents to prioritize oral health, fostering a foundation for a beautiful smile and optimal dental well-being in the future. Parents trust Dr. Shashi, knowing their children are under the care of a pediatric dental surgeon who prioritizes safety, effectiveness, and a compassionate approach, making him a beloved figure in the realm of pediatric dentistry in Hyderabad.

Advantages of Gum Disease Treatment

Improved Oral Health

Prevention of Tooth Loss

Reduced Tooth Sensitivity

Enhanced Aesthetics

Decreased Risk of Complications such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections, which have been linked to periodontal problems.

Better Breath

Prevention of Bone Loss

Increased Comfort

Long-Term Cost Savings

Healthier Lifestyle

Preservation of Teeth

Easier Chewing


Patient Feedback


Frequently Ask Questions

What is the initial indication of gum disease?

The first indication of gum disease is characterized by the presence of red, tender, and swollen gums, often accompanied by discomfort and pain. Additionally, gums may bleed during brushing, a common sign of gingivitis, which is the initial stage of gum diseases.

What is the typical recovery duration after gum disease treatment?

The recovery period after gum disease treatment varies based on the specific treatment received. For procedures like scaling and root planing, no downtime is typically needed. However, more advanced periodontal treatments, such as flap surgery, bone grafts, or gum grafts, may necessitate a recovery period ranging from one to four weeks.

Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide for gum disease treatment?

Hydrogen peroxide can be effective in reducing plaque and tartar on teeth, but using it undiluted is not recommended, as it can potentially harm gum tissue. To use hydrogen peroxide safely, consider diluting it by combining one part hydrogen peroxide with three parts water. Gargle with this mixture for 60 seconds and then spit it out. Alternatively, you can opt for a mouthwash that already contains hydrogen peroxide.

Is it possible to manage gum disease without the involvement of a dentist?

Gum disease is not curable but manageable. However, effective management typically requires the expertise of a dentist or periodontist. This is because the bacteria responsible for gum disease can infiltrate deep beneath the gum surface, beyond the reach of brushing and flossing. While diligent oral hygiene practices may slow the progression, professional treatment is essential for proper management and long-term oral health.

Is gum disease exclusive to older individuals?

Gum disease can affect individuals of all ages. Younger individuals can also experience aggressive periodontal disease, which can lead to rapid bone loss and early tooth loss. Age is not the sole factor influencing the development of gum disease.

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